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GA - Christina in Switzerland The time to say goodbye to the incredible Christina Yang unfortunately has come. Far from my expectations it wasn’t that sad. It was for sure a weird season finale.

We got all the emergencies, terroristic attack kind of things and hospital dramas as Grey’s Anatomy’s season finales got used to, but no tears for me.

Even if Christina was the protagonist I really didn’t have the impression she was gone forever. I was a kind of goodbye of people coming back once in a while in the show, but I don’t think it will actually happen. I wanted to be super sad for her leaving us. I don’t want be just with Meredith’s stupid dramas.

GA - young Christina and Mer GA - Mer and Christina dancing

I really hope she won’t screw it up with McDreamy but Christina was right he is really dreamy…so Mer is staying to Seattle will Derek go to D.C. anyways?

GA - you are being selfish And we have kind of a news…a new Mer’s sister. I just don’t want to go back to 10 years ago with all their love me, don’t love scenes.

Nice thing to see will be also having Alex back at the Seattle Gray (I can’t catch up with all the names it has now) and being part of the board. The grown up Alex is for sure one of my favorite characters, well even when he wasn’t that much of a grown up he was still awesome.

Let’s go now to the saddest moment, for me, of the episode. Christina and Owen’s goodbye. Owen’s eyes were so full of so many different emotions and I was perceiving them all. Really good scene having no words at all, just perfect.

GA - Owen and Christina's goodbye

Christina Yang, we all loved you, we will always and we are going to miss you so much!