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True_Detective_promotional_imageThe second season of HBO “True Detective” is still so far from us but new details have been revealed by the television channel. First of all, Michael Lombardo, HBO programming president, said that they have two scripts for this new season and that they are simply awesome. He said that this second season seems to be more exciting than the first season. I’m very curious about this new script because the first season was simply the best and I hope that this new one will be as amazing as the first.
And what about the cast? I mean, we know that this time the main protagonits will be three but who will portray them? They will be all female or male characters or they will be a mix of them? I hope to see more female characters because the first season was focused on male’s problem but I think that seeing the dark side of a female detective will be really interesting. It seems that the cast will be revealed next week, hopefully, and that it will included well-known actors. I’m really curious about it, really curious.
So, let’s wait until more information will be revealed by the television channel.