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TVD - bonnie and damon dying

Julie Plec and all The Vampire Diaries writers got us used to surprising finales but this last one just beats them all. It has been just so unpredictable but still so so sad. TVD - Stefan on Damon

Come on, Damon is dead!? I won’t believe it, I don’t want to accept it. I have no doubt they’ll find (or already have in mind) a way to bring him but…did you really killed one of the best character that we have on tv right now? Well, I should think that Bonnie died as well but…I really don’t care that much.
Still Stefan has been so adorable during those last episodes and he finally might know about Caroline’s feelings (maybe she doesn’t know neither) but thanks god there was Lexi, it was nice see her again.

With so many deaths, we have also a came back…Alaric. I never, never, imagined a possibility for him to come back and above all in a “world” without Damon. Those two are just so made for each other as much as Delena.

TVD - Damon romantic
Damon, once again, revealed to be so romantic and I bet we all crying so much listening at his words.
I really hope to see him soon, and I really cannot wait ’till September…somebody help me, please!!