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friends cover imageI’ve just finished watching all Friends’ 10 seasons and I can’t avoid to spend a few words to what I would define the best TV series ever! I know right now you might think that there are so many good ones, but admit it you can’t avoid to watch a Friends’ episode if it hairs on TV. It’s simply addictive!

My favorite character? Made with Square InstaPicIt’s without any doubt the actor wannabe Joseph Tribbiani, Joey. He was just perfect in his imperfection. The character was and is a masterpiece. Perfectly interpreted I could appreciate it even more during my last full immersion into the series. Hilarious, spontaneous, greedy, sexy somehow and thoughtful or just Joey as you prefer 🙂 friends joey how you doin

I could watch Friends no stop for ever over and over again, never obvious, always fun, it’s quite hard to build something like this! They’ve been trying to recreate the magic with How I met your mother but they couldn’t recreate something that universal and beloved to everybody as friends was (don’t get me wrong I just loved How i met your mother).

chandler says i love you to monicaI want to give a special mention to the best “I love you” scene we will ever watch on a screen. Of course, I’m referring to Chandler and Monica and the turkey, just hilarious and romantic.

I could talk about this series for ever but it’s time to stop. What’s your favorite scene? Comment below.

Lots of love,