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Things seemed to be pretty almost solved towards the end of this season but the finale just changed the whole things.

Victoria seems to know the truth about Emily Thorne and of course she couldn’t not look for a revenge herself for the death
of her beloved Patrick. But come on how mean are you killing Aiden in that way, paralyzed and the suffocated. He has never been my favorite character but still that was really struggling to see. But Victoria, the bitch, knew exactly how to hurt Emily in the strongest way possible. What I don’t understand is why she didn’t face her directly, at the end of the day she was in love of David Clarke.

revenge - aiden deathrenvege - emily crying 2

Luckily Emily is so strong and she cannot stop her plans ’till even Victoria will pay for all she has been doing in those years. And there was nothing better to see then Victoria in a mental hospital.revenge-victoria insanerevenge- emily %22watch me%22

But I’m pretty sure this is not over yet, she will find her way out, even if she is pretty alone right now, she just has Daniel left although I don’t know how he can be trusted he is another selfish Grayson.


Before the finale ABC announce that there would have been one of the major characters death but nobody was actually expecting two. Even Conrad is finally gone, I am a bit sad he was fun, but real news is that David Clarke is alive!!

revenge-david clark alive revenge - david? revenge - david clark vs conrad grayson

At this stage I can just look forward for next season. I hope you love this season finale how much I did.