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We have arrived at the fourth episode of Devious Maids’ second season and the mistery around Opal is getting bigger. First of all, who really is Opal? I mean, we all know that she is the maid of Nicholas from more than 15 years, but my question is, who is she before becoming a maid?


We all have a past and a life but it seems that Opal doesn’t have one, she only lives for work and for Nicholas. I don’t think she has a crush on him because it will be to easy if the two had a relationship. She definitely hides something big about Nicholas and the big mistery is, who is the father of Ethan?


Do you think that he is Nicholas’ son? It seems unlikely because to easy and in my opinion, Ethan is not Opal’s son but Dahlia’s one. This is only my opinion and it will be very interesting if Dahlia had a secret son, right?


I don’t know if Nicholas really loves Marisol or if he has a secret agenda but it seems that the things between the two is working right now even if he is lying about Ethan.


And what about the message that Marisol found in the closet? Why Dahlia needed to throw out Opal from the house? Is she dangerous? Is she evil? I don’t think so, she’s only creepy but not dangerous.


And, in the end, what about Dahlia? Do you think she really died? I don’t think so, I think that she will appear in the future, maybe Opal is hiding her in some ways, who knows?


In the end, I really would like to say thank you to Marc Cherry because this second season of Devious Maids is much better than the first one and because Opal is a great new character, like Evelyn who is the best in this series. Without her the show wouldn’t be the same, thanks Rebecca to portray Evelyn so well, I would like to work to her in a second life.