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Last episode of BBC America’s “Orphan Black“, titled “Governed by SOund Reason and True Religion“, was really epic. This series is one of the best at the moment and Tatiana Maslany does is doing a great work in each episodes. First of alla I wanna thank the writers of the series because they decided to save Helena.


She is such a great characters in this series and all the religious stuff are simply intriguing. I’m really curious about the “mirror stuff” and her body, I mean, why her body is like a mirror? Is she fertile? Can she have babies? All this questions need some answer because, if she is fertile, she will be really important as clone. I hope that the Proletheans will help her and that they won’t be bad as they seems to be.


But now let’s talk about Cosima. I cannot understand her because she litteraly sleeps with the enemy. I think that Delphine has a secret agenda and that she will revealed to be an evil character. I really don’t undestand Cosima because she playes with the fire. The Dyad is trying to buy her and her collaboration but why? She is sick right now and I hope that they will find a cure for her.


And what about Rachel? She is my favourite clone because she is powerful, icy, mean and she has the entire control on the Dyad. What’s in her agenda? What are her goals? Is she bad or good? All this questions make me realaize how important and charming character is.


In the meanwhile, Alison realizes that Donnie is her monitor but I don’t think it’s so simple.


I don’t think that Donnie is her real monitor like Paul for Beth but he is something different. He is not a bad guy and now Alison has to discover what role he plays in the game.


Let’s finish with Sarah. She finally found her daughter but where she will go now? Mrs. S. is not so good as she seems, she has to much secrets.


What’s the LEDA project? She knows everythings about the clones? She worked with the people who created the clones? To much questions for us but the most important one is, what Sarah will do now? She will run away or not? I hope that Alison, Cosima and Sarah will work together again because at the moment, they are too separated and this is not good.