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I am loving this season of TVD. So controversial. So many different things popping up and never boring. What I am loving is also the role that each character is having in the story. Those are all well defined and with they own identity. Let’s think about Enzo (I just love so much our new Klaus, he is hilarious), or Caroline, even Stefan is starting being intriguing and kind of mysterious.

But let’s talk about this last episode.

Watching Stefan and Elena in their dream life was nice. It seems such a fairy tale, and I was actually glad to see them together, it felt right somehow. Well, I suppose that’s what Julie Plec wanted to communicate.

TVD- Stefan and Elena %22dream%22

But what about the poor Damon, living the post break up sadness. I thought he would never be able to say the words he said to Elena. But the question is why isn’t he living town if he can handle it anymore (not that I want to) !?

TVD - DamonWho knows what’s happening next and what the travelers are up to. Moreover, it seems that there are no more possible ways to get them out of a body, I hope Tyler won’t die by the end of the season, since Julie always surprises us. But I have faith.