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The 3rd season of Scandal is over and after spending one season trying to beat B613 we are back to the origins with Papa Pope back being Command…It seems that just Harrison has been noticing that he has been fooling all around. That man can be even worst of Maya Pope. But we shoScandal - Harrisonuld have kwown, you don’t stop being “Command“.Scandal - Jerry dying

But what actually surprised me is the commitment of Fitz’s bodyguard into the B613. So much involved to kill the poor Jerry. Basically you can’t trust anybody. And maybe Olivia is not that wrong saying “I am the Scandal”. For sure dear, your parents are evil.  How long will she be able to stay away from D.C. enjoying the company of Jake?

Besides this last episode I haven’t been so enthusiastic of the whole season, have you? Share your thoughts with us.