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himym - blue horn new vs old

I think that by now the majority of people have watched the finale of HIMYM and I can finally go through with some comments. Well, what has been your first reaction? 

I think I still have to recover. I mean it all makes perfectly sense but..well I have a few buts.

  • himym - barney and the childFirst: Barney having a child from a random girl…REALLY!? We are talking about the same Barney? It is nice that he had the “imprinting” using Twilight slang with his daughter but I cannot believe that he had a daughter.
  • Second: The mother dies? What the hell I have been looking at for 9 years?
  • Third: One season dedicated to Robin and Barney’s wedding for what? Make them split up. We knew it wouldn’t have work out since the beginning why wasting so much time.

On the positive side there are for sure Marshall and Lily’s love story and all the amount of children. Moreover, at the end of the day we all wanted Ted to hand up with Robin, they have been perfect for each other since the beginning even if the mother was just so adorable.

Well, good news is that it seems that an alternate finale would be realized in autumn with the series DVD’s. Carter Bays tweet 1 Carter Bays tweet 2

I’m really curious to know what you think about it. So, don’t be shy and go ahead with comments 🙂