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xmendaysfuturepastlogoThe new movie from the “X-Men” world is getting everyday more and more interesting. I think that “X-Men Days of Future Past” will be an epic movie because the comic which is based on is really amazing (I read it when I was younger) and the fact that all the new actors will work with the old actors of the saga is simply a great idea. The two world of the “X-Men” will meet in this movie and this fact is thrilling.
But nothing is perfect right? Back in December Bryan Singer, the director of the film, revealed that one actress had been cut out from the movie: Anna Paquin. This news made me feel really sad because Anna is a really great actress and full of talent and because Rogue is one of my favourite characters in the “X-Men” world. So, after read this news I thought that Bryan was wrong about this cut and that Anna deserved a part in this movie but, surprise surprise, she is back.


Yes, Anna will appear in the new X-Men’s movie and she will reprise the role of Rogue. The actress will make a really short cameo in the movie but, who cares, she is back! I’m really glad about thi news because cut out from the movie Anna would be a big mistake but, luckily, Bryan made the right decision. So, seeing again Ellen Page & Anna Paquin on the set together will be a great thing and I hope that after the end of “True Blood“, Anna will start a new series because she is a great actress and she deserves to be on the screen.