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I would like to remember with you today one of my favourite scenes so far from “Bates Motel“. It’s from the second episode of the second season, “Shadow of a Doubt“. It’s the scene of Norma’s audition at the community theatre. She sings “Maybe This Time” and I think that she was just amazing in doing that because her voice is so touching and, you know, everything that Norma does, she does it perfectly.

I personally love this song because its lyrics are so touching and because after listen to it you feel hope in your heart because everything can go well. This is the sensation that I feel everytime I listen to it. I also love the Kristin Chenoweth and Lea Michele duet of this song which was in the first season of “Glee“, in the episode “The Rhodes Not Taken“. Do you remember that? That performance was marvelous because Kristin is so talented and Lea was at the start of her carrer and she was amazing as Rachel.

April Rhodes was one of my favourite characters in the series and April Chenoweth has one of the most interesting voices ever. If we compare this two performance I think that the Vera Farmiga’s one is the most intense because she sings without music and because Norma Bates always wins.