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Ok, can we talk about the season finale of Syfy’s “Helix“? Titled “Dans l’ombre” the episode starts with an angry Alan in the future, precisely in the day 235, who is actually interrogating someone in search of “her”.


We don’t know who is this guy and who is actually searching Alan but, after some minutes, we realize that he is an immortal of the “Ilaria Corporation“.


After this scene, we return in the present at the day 13 in which Daniel is dead, our characters kidnapped Spencer and his colleague, Blake, has Julia’s mother.


After this events, Julia, Alan and Hatake decided to attack Blake and recuperate Julia’s mum. They found in the same room Balleseros who has killed Blake. He wants from Hatake the list of the kidnapped children and in change of that he would give them the virus and the cure.


Hatake accepted the condition so they finally recover the cure and the virus. In the meanwhile, Peter, Alan’s brother, releases Spencer and we discover that he is with the “Ilaria”, he is an enemy.

seriouslycalebbatesSeriously? Peter? After all happened is an enemy? I can’t believe it, he is simply insane! He decided to betray his brother for Julia, for love. This is completely insane, Peter is insane he preferes to ruin the world that helping his brother just only for a woman. Bah! In the meanwhile Sarah is worried because she thinks that her cancer has returned but she discovers that she is pregnant. Who is the father? Naturally Alan who is now in love again with Julia and she is still in love with him.
At the end they tried all of them to escape from the base but Spencer use the bomb inside the center to destroy the base and to kill everybody. The bomb explodes and he kidnapped Julia and killed her mother, just for fun! He is a psycho killer, that’s the thing. I really preffered his mother, Sutton, she was nicer than him.


By the way, Spencer succeeded to escape from the base with Julia but Alan managed to keep with him the virus and the cure.


After all of that, we return to the future, day 235, in which Alan is in France with his brother and he said to him that he found Julia. After 8 months from the day 13, he was able to find her and she is in an Ilaria’s building. We think that she is kidnapped but all our toughts are wrong because the episodes ended with an evil Julia who enter the door in a Ilaria’s board like she is the boss of it.


So, Julia is actually working for the devil? Really? I don’t believe in it, I think that she is still good and she is actually working with Ilaria just for destroing it from the inside. I hope so! We don’t know yet, we have to wait next year to see the second season of the show which was announced two days ago from “Syfy”. I hope that the second season will be good as this first one because “Helix” was one of my favourite series of this first half of the year and this season finale is full of surprises and I hope that all of secrets will be revealed in the second season because a lot of things have to be solved and because I really want to know the future of Sarah and her child, he will be an immortal or an human? Let’s waiting until some news about the second season will be revealed.