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Last week we left Norman & Dylan fighting each other for Norma who revealed to them that Caleb, her brother, is Dylan’s father. This fourth episode of “Bates Motel“, titled “Check-Out“, starts with Emma who woke up in a bed with the weed’s guy. Ok, this scene is useless because nobody cares about Emma or her life in this second season because, you know, is boring. I hope that the writers will create something for her because her story, right now, is really, really boring and it’s a bad because Emma, in the first season, was one of my favourite characters. By the way, after the fighting Dylan got drunk a lot and he vomited in his pick-up.


Norma & Norman act like nothing happened and this is simply stupid because he discovered that he is the consequence of a rape. Everyone would be upset after this kind of discovery but Bates family not, they continue to act like normal people. Who cares?. In the meanwhile, Norma decided to have a dinner with George and Christine but Norman seems not so happy about that.


He is kind of jealous about this man and his mum but it’s ok you know, this is the smallest problem in him. I don’t know if something will happened to this couple because Norma is not so involved in him but he is so, it’s strange.


He drives her home but they don’t kiss each other. It’s strange you know, because he seems to be a normal guy and Bates family needs something normal because they continue to act like looney people.


I know that Norman would like to protect his mum but he crosses the line so many times that I can’t remember when he acted like a normal son with his mum. And Norma? Can we talk about Norma? I really love this character because she is crazy and a freak but she has balls, she can fight, she has no scare and she seems to be indestructible but she needs a break from Norman, a long one.


In the meanwhile, Dylan and Norma have a really bad fight because Caleb said to him that he is not is father but a classmate of Norma was so Dylan is confused because Norma said that this is not the truth. Caleb is his father and he abused of her a lot when they were young. Dylan is really angry and revealed to Norman that he has a secret and dark side that he doesn’t know and that he has to ask Norma about it. Do you mean this kind of dark side?


Yes, everybody thought about that or maybe about this kind of dark side.


We don’t know yet if he killed Miss Watson (I think he is innocence) but we have the suspect of him. By the way, the episode ends with a really crazy Norman who try to kill Caleb in his motel’ room but he failed. He is insane because he thinks to be Norma and he speaks like he is her. It’s a freak show you know? It’s a really strange scene but powerful because with this episode, we learn that Norman has crossed the line. After this scene we saw Romero and a burning house that we don’t recognize. Maybe is the Romero’s one or maybe a different one but we will discover it with the next episode that I’m looking forward to see because this series is really amazing!