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She will appear in the new Transformers movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, as Tessa, the new main female protagonist, but how Andrea Peltz became famous? What was her career in television? In what movies she appeared? Let’s explore the world of Andrea to understand why she is so famous right now and why everybodye loves her.


She was born in 1995 in Westchester County, New York, from Claudia, an former model, and Nelson Peltz, a billionaire businessman who owned the brand “Snapple” in the past. In 2006 she started her carrer, at 11, with a small role in the Christmas’ movie “Deck the Halls“.


The movie, starring Danny DeVitoMatthew Broderick, Kristin Davis and Kristin Chenoweth, was a commercial flop and it was hated by the critics but it gave to Nicola the chance to appear in theaters. Two years later, she was chosen to appear in the movie “Harold” playing the small role of Becki.


Unfortunately, even this movie received negative reviews and, in the same year, Nicola obtained a small role in the crime movie “Righteous Kill“.


This time, Nicola had the opportunity to work next to big stars like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino but, like the past movie, it obtained bad reviews from the critics. That same time, Nicola appeared in the music video of the pop star Miley Cirus7 Things“.


Two years passed without nothing but, in 2010, Nicola had the opportunity to work with the director M. Night Shyamalan because he chose her to portray Katara, the new main characters in his fantasy movie “The Last Airbender“.


With this movie, Nicola obtained a lot of popularity among teenagers and she worked with other young stars like Seychelle Gabriel (“The Spirit“, “Falling Skies“), Dev Patel (“Slumdog Millionaire“, “Skins“) and Jackson Rathbone (“The Twilight Saga“, “S. Darko“).

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Two years after this big hit, Nicola worked for her first tv series. She was chosen by the channel “A&E” for its new serial “Bates Motel“. The television series showed the life of Norman and Norma Bates, two famous characters from Hitchcock’s movie “Psycho“.


In this series Nicola portrayed Bradley Martin, Norman’s love interest but her characters never fell in love with him but she fell in love with his brother, Dylan.


Bradley was one of the main characters during season one but, during season two, she left the show after the second episode and at the moment, we are at the fourth episode, she is still away from the scenes but she’s still one of the main protagonist so, she will return sometimes.

bradletygif2This year, 2014, Nicola will have her big opportunity. She will appear in the new Transformers’ movie: Transformers: Age of Extinction as Tessa Yeager, the new femail protagonist. She will work with the director Michael Bay and next to Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor because the three will be the new human protagonist of the series.


The three actors will appear in the next three movie of the series and they will start a new trilogy according to their contracts.

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So, it seems that this year will be Nicola’s year at it seems that, right now, she is working hard and she deserves her popularity. This new Transformers movie seems to be epic and I think that it will be a big hit like the others. So, I’m glad that Nicola works with Michael Bay because she has talent but I also hope to see her back on “Bates Motel” because the series, without Bradley, misses a lot.