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tvAfter the chart “The 10 Best Characters of 2013“, I would like to share with my personal chart of “The 10 Best Opening Title“. In this chart I’ll show you my favourite series’ opening title, so, let’s start with the countdown.

10) Dawson’s Creek

If you think about a teen drama and about the last ’90s, you have to think about “Dawson’s Creek”. This teen series was full of love, hate, romance & betrayals and it’s opening, with Paula Cole “I Don’t Want to Wait” is simply suitable with this television show.

09) Dallas

Can we talk about the amazing Dallas’ theme? I think that this series is a little trashy, but in a very good way, and its opening is perfect. The music is majestic and this new version of the opening with the actors is really good and perfect for a soap opera/television series. Thanks to David Jacobs who created this new version of the soap opera.

08) Desperate Housewives

Our favourite television’s housewives are gone but we can still enjoy the opening title of “Desperate Housewives”. Even if this opening wasn’t shown a lot during the 8 seasons of the series, I think that it was awesome because it used a lot of famous pictures like the “American Gothic” or the pop-art. Even the theme, composed by Danny Elfman, was really good and I think that this opening is perfect for this show.

07) True Blood

Country-rock music, sun, crocodiles and exorcism stuff make this opening title really cool. It’s strange, it’s atypical and, most important things, if you watch it you cannot think about a vampires’ series at all. You think that this show is about something related to southern states of America but nothing about vampires and this is kind funny and it makes this opening unique.

06) Roswell

Last week I wrote about this amazing teen series, “Roswell” and today, I would like to remember with you this opening. Similar to the one of “Dawson’s Creek”, the most important thing to say about this opening is that it is very sad and the song “Here with me” of Dido fit perfectly with the show and with the opening. Good choice.

05) Beverly Hills 90210

The top 5 of this chart starts with the opening of “Beverly Hills 90210”, the best teen series ever created. If you think about the perfect teen drama you think about it and its theme is one of the most famous ever. So, enjoy for another time this hilarious opening title with its blue background and with… Donna Martins!.

04) American Horror Story

“American Horror Story” is definitely one of my favourite series and its opening title is simply awesome. Every season as its own opening credits but the most important things is that every opening as the same theme music which is great and perfectly suitable with the series and the atmosphere. I don’t know which one of the opening theme is my favourite, maybe the first one because it has more scary images but all three are good and I’m looking forward to see the fourth one.

03) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Joss Whedon is definitely a genius and all its television series are amazing but Buffy is the most incredible one. Is the perfect teen series because it has scary moments, drama, action, good girls, funny moments and a lot of love. With all these elements, even its opening credits is perfect because it has the right music and it shows every characters. Thanks Joss because everything you do, you do it perfectly and thanks Sarah because you always be our favourite vampire slayer.

02) The Big Bang Theory

Not only the drama shows have good opening credits but also the comedy one. “The Big Bang Theory” has one of the funniest opening title ever created. Its song, played by Barenaked Ladies, is so hard to sing that I always watch this intro when I watch the series so I can learn every single words on it but it’s always hard to sing correctly. I can listen to this song over and over without any problems and it fit perfectly with this amazing show. BAZINGA!.

01) Baywatch

It’s summer, you are on the beach and you look at the sea why not start running and sing Jim Jamison’s song “I’m Always Here”? I know that you did that once your life, don’t lie! When you think about summer “Baywatch” comes up in mind and it’s opening title is one of the most incredible ever made. Summer, summer, summer, just summer and when we think about lifeguards we think about Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, the two most famous lifeguards ever exist. You know I’m right! So, thanks to Berk, Schwartz & Bonann to have created this series and to have chosen these amazing opening and song.