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TVD - Damon best night of your life

Elena is finally back…Hurray…luckily Katherine left some legacy to spice things a bit up…maybe too much since as usual the one who suffers most at the end is the poor Stefan.

TVD - Stefan %22Rebekah%22 TVD  - Caroline %22rebekah%22

I just find those two adorable. I am waiting for the moment that Steroline happens. Meanwhile we gotta have to wait and see what happens during the trip to kill the other dopplengänger between Carolin and Enzo, and the guy seems he is quite trying to provoke her.

TVD - Enzo and the accents

So now that the virus is not a threat anymore Elena and Damon can face each other and understand that they do no work together…but passion cannot be quite.

TVD - Damon and Elena back together