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BatesMotelTitleOk, this third episode of “Bates Motel“, titled “Caleb“, was really good. After the departure of Bradley, the writers have decided to introduce new characters in the series that will play different roles. First of all we have Christine Heldens, played by Rebecca Cresckoff (“Hung“, “Quintuplets“), who I personally love.


She is a new friend of Norma and she finds her funny and very interesting. So interesting that she decided to introduce her to the rest of the town.


She doesn’t care about what people think of her and she talks without any problems of everything. During this third episode she invites Norma to a party at her house so she can meet her brother, George.


Have you recognized him? Yes, he is Michael Vartan of “Alias”. He plays the role of George and it seems that he will be the new love interest of Norma. Hope so because Norma needs some love in her life if not she will go crazy.


In the meanwhile, Norman starts to know better Cody Brennan (Paloma Kwiatkowski), a young woman who loves to drink, have fun and make out. She is spontaneous but I think that she hides something. We don’t know now what, but I think that she is involved in some ways with Miss Watson. I think that she is her little sister but, who knows?


But the most important thing about this episode is Caleb, the big brother of Norma, played by Kenny Johnson (“The Shield“) He arrived in the town, but Norma is not so happy to see him.


We know that she hates him because he forced her to have sex when they were young, but Dylan don’t know that so he starts to meet him. He asks to Dylan some money and he gives to him but in the end, when he revealed to Norma that he thinks that he is a good man, she goes crazy and they have a fight. In the meanwhile, Norman arrives at home and he and Dylan start to fight until Norma revealed that Caleb is Dylan’s father.


This was my first reaction. Really? Norma and her brother? This is insane and unreal but it dresses very well to Bates Motel’s story. If it’s real, I really would like to see the next episode and Dylan’s reaction. I think that he will not believe in Norma but, maybe, he will figure it out that it’s real. I think that this episode was full of interesting facts and with interesting characters. All the new characters have something to offer to the story and I think that this second season will continue very well and I hope that also Emma will have a role in this show because, at the moment, she is useless.