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roswelllogoBefore “Star-Crossed” there was, in 1999, “Roswell“, the first teen drama series about aliens and human. Created by Jason Katims, the series was broadcast for three season, until 2002 and I want to dedicate this TBT to this intensive series.

With an opening title with the song “Here With Me” by Dido, one of the most famous singer in ’90s, the series shows the life in Roswell with a group of young aliens and young humans who live together in secret. Around this group of young adult, a lot of love story start to born like the major one, between Liz (Shiri Appleby) and Max (Jason Behr).


One of the most interesting things about this series was its similarities with “Dawson’s Creek“. Both series were around teen problems but, in Roswell, the problems were harder and they invole also death and a lot of pain. The series, I have to admit, is really, really sad with a lot of intensive episodes and scenes. Another similarity with “Dawson’s Creek” was the main actor, Jason Behr who appeared in some episodes in “Dawson’s Creek” as Jen’s love interest.

roswell2Another interesti fact about this series is the cast. First of all Katherine Heigl, the future Izzie Stevens in “Grey’s Anatomy“, appeared here as one of the alien. Nick Wechsler, the future Jack Porter in “Revenge“, and Emilie de Ravin, Claire in “Lost” and Belle in “Once Upon a Time” were both main characters during the three season of the series. But a lot of other actors appeared in the show as minor role like Julie Benz (“Defiance”), Adam Rodriguez (“CSI: Miami”) and also Nelly Furtado appeared in an episode during the second season.


But my favourite actress during this show was Majandra Delfino who portrayed Maria DeLuca. She was a big star in the ’90s like Tina Majorino but, like her, she starts to disappear from the scenes. After this series she appeared in minor role in some movie and show and, unfortunately, she doesn’t become famous like Katherine Heigl or Emilie de Ravin. I would like to see her back on TV with a big show, I hope so because I really love her.


So, if you never saw this show I advise you to watch it because it’s incredible and its finale is simply touching and with an happy endings that all the characters deserve.