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The 14th episodes of the fourth season of “The Walking Dead“, titled “The Grove“, has become my favourite one. It’s one of the most intense and sad ever created by Scott Gimple.


After watched the group of Glenn, the group of Maggie and the group of Rick, in this episode we explore the world of Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika & Judith. They are going to Terminus but, on the way, they decided to stop in a little house in the middle of a grove. They find this house and they decide to rest for awhile because Tyreese is wounded and he need some rest.

thegrove3 thegrove2

But here the problems start. Lizzie, who saved the life of Tyreese by killing some men in the prison, is confused about the zombies and she thinks that they are like human, they can be her friends so she starts to play with one of them.


Carol discovers the girl with the zombie so she decide to kill it because it was unhealthy for her to play with a walkers. She gets angry and she yells to Carol because the zombie was her friend. What the hell? Do you believe that a zombie can be your friend? The girls is simply disturbed and I think that Gimple wrote this episode so well that you start to believe to her, that the zombie can be human’s friends. She is crazy but, in a certain way, she’s not because she is just a child, she is confused by all the violence. On the other side, her sisters Mika is normal, she knows that the zombies are bad so she kills them.


The episode continues with Lizzie who feed a zombie with rats so, we understand that was her to feed the zombies at the prison. She is totally confused about the zombie but, after she and her sister were attacked by a group of zombies, she decided to kill them because they are evil and dangerous. So, it seems that everything is normal… or not?


At the end Lizzie became totally crazy and she kills her sister to show to Carol and Tyreese that the zombie are ok. She is completely crazy and confused, what the hell? Killing your sister? Carol and Tyreese start to understand that she is crazy and that she is dangerous so, Carol decided that the only way to behave is to kill her.


This episode was so good because it shows that not only the zombies are dangerous but humans too and, this time, a little child. Lizzie shows the consequences of violence and death on a little child who starts to be confused and she not understand the different between humans and walkers. By killing her sister, she made an extremely folly act and for the second time, Carol needs to act violently to protect the rest of the group. After Karen, she needed to kill Lizzie to protect Tyreese and Judith. Carol is simply the most intense character in the series and I think that she is the strongest characters in the series. Ok, she is not as good as Tyreese to fight, but she has a good mind and she knows how to make the difficult decisions and when to make them. I wanna to thank the producers and the wirters of this seris because, with this episode, “The Walking Dead” showed that it has a lot to offer to the public and that the problems for our survivors are haevy and that the danger is everywhere, even in a little child. Also, I wanna to thank Brighton Sharbino for her portray of Lizzie because she is so good in this role that I’m really sorry to not seeing her again.