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Everytime I see Sheldon’s mom, the episode of “The Big Bang Theory” is always awesome. Mary Cooper is one of the funniest character in “The Big Bang Theory” and I love her since the episode when Sheldon starts to adopt cats, “The Zazzy Substitution”, third episode of the fourth season.


The 17th episode “The Friendship Turbulence” finished with a great moment, Leonard bought a car to Penny so she can continue her acting carrer without returning to the Cheescake Factory.

thisisyourcarAfter this moment, we can understand that Penny and Leonard will continue their relationship for a long time, or we hope that! By the way, in this 18th episodes, titled “The Mommy Observation“, we can see Sheldon and is mum in a very particular moment, he saw her to have sex with some guy in her home. The moment when we see him looking in the window and run away is simply funny and awesome but the most funny scene is the discussion between him and her mother.

mumsheldon2 mumsheldon1 mumsheldon3

He tried to explain to her mum that have sex is dangerous and she needs protection and this discussion is the funniest ever. Mary Cooper is so polite and so religious but, inside, she is a dandy and she is so independent. She is the perfect mum for Sheldon because she knows how to behave with him. Thanks Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady for Mary Cooper, I would like to see her again and again.


In the meanwhile the other guys have a mistery dinner, organized by Raj, at Leonard’s home.

The Mommy Observation

As usual nobody want to play the game, except for Bernadette who play only to win as we know. They have to figured out who kill Stuart and during the game Leonard and Penny start to fight. In the end Stuart say that they cannot fight because they are the most beautiful and perfect couple he ever saw because they complete each other. After this words the two stop fighting and Penny revealed to be the killer.


I think that at the moment the three couple are perfect and nothing must change but I’m really missing her.


Alex Jensen, Sheldon’s assistant. I would like to see her again in the future because she is so funny and because she has a crush on Leonard and this is interesting. We will see, in the meanwhile let’s waiting for the 19th episode which will be aired the 3 of April.