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One of the most important thing about the series “American Horror Story” by Ryan Murphy is, where it will be located? The first season was in an house, the second season was in a sanatorium and the third season was in a coven’s house. Where the fourth season will be located? It seems that the concept for this new season of the show is the carnival.


This the first idea from the producers and it seems that the new season will be in 1950 and in a Carnival. It’s not 100% sure but we will see in the next week what they announce about this show and its cast because, at the moment, the only actress announced is Jessica Lange. In the meanwhile on the web a lot of promo posters has been revealed by FX and, possibly, they are not official but fake, we don’t know yet, what we know is that they are viral right now.
What do you think? Enjoy this promo video while we are waiting for news.