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Ok maybe she is not the main character in the series and maybe she will leave the show after few episodes but, I would like to write about Nazanin Boniadi and Scandal. When I first saw her at the end of the 11th episode I immediately thought that the producers of the show have made the right choice because she is simply great.

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Adnan is the right choice because she will finally give a story to Harrison who, during the first two season, was without any story and he only worked without having relationship or affairs. With Adnan it seems that everything will change because Harrison and her seems to have a love story and that is interesting because she seems evil.


After the twelfth episode we understood that Adnan will work with the one and only Mama Pope but we don’t know why or what they have in mind.


Why Adnan and Mama Pope know each others and why they decided to donate money to Fitzgerald Grant? Mama Pope want to destroy him or she want to destroy somebody else? And Adnan? What she want and why she has a lot of money?


I know I’m a bad guy but I really hope that Adnan and Mama Pope win this time because Fitz and Olivia are too boring right now. Their love story is idiotic, they sleep together and they fight, they only do this things, nothing else. Mellie is much better because she is strong, she fight for her position and she passed a lot with Fitz’s father. I really hope that she will decide to break up with him and that she will start something with Andrew because he deserves her.


I think that at the moment Adnan and Mellie are the two most interesting characters in the series and that Olivia must change in some way because she is ridiculous right now.