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dollhouse (1)I personally love Joss Whedon‘s television work and I follow all his series. I fell in love with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” when I saw the first episode then I was charmed by “Firefly” so, in 2009, I started watching “Dollhouse“.


What can I say about this amazing show? First of all Eliza Dushku (who I loved in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is the perfect main character for a sci-fi series and her mix of hotness, bravery, action and tenderness is the perfect cocktail for a protagonist. She ruled the series from the first episode and her character, Echo, was simply great and full of emotions.


Second, the story of an agency which create dolls for every occasion is brilliant and its brilliant the fact that this dolls start to feel emotions and start to act like humans.


All the characters in this series were amazing, all the dolls, humans and member of the organization were perfectly created so as the story. The two season’s finale for the first season and for the second were simply great with the time travelling and all the misteries about the organization. The last episode, “Epitaph Two: Return”, was one of the best episodes I ever saw because it was full of action, mistery, drama and romance and everything I thought to know have been questioned.

dollhouse cast

The cast for the show was perfect because we saw a lot of known faces from Joss Whedon’s previously work like Amy Acker, Felicia Day or Alan Tudyk and their work together was excellent. I’m sorry that FOX cancelled this show because I think that they could create a third season which will solve all the misteries about the organization and the dolls but, even like this, the two season of Dollhouse were perfect.