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Scandal - Liv emotional

I love Scandal, I think is a really really great show, but when Olivia cries I just get so much nervous, I mean she is such a strong woman, I am not saying that she does not have to show feelings but not that much, she just turn into a normal woman. If I were her I would have been crying the whole time I suppose.

Scandal - Liv and MellieHow can somebody support such stress, having an affair with the President, having such an evil father and mother as the first wasn’t enough, have to deal with press and the First Lady. No pressure at all.

Scandal - AdnanAnyway besides all the Liv’s drama, I am really loving what is happening just around her. I mean James working against Cyrus? The guy has gut. I would like also to know more about this Adnan’s thing. Who the hell is she? Even if I am, and more than me Mitch is super excited, that she is played by an old friend of as Nazanin Boniadi (aka Fara Sherazi in Homeland).