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TVD - Katherine kissing Stefan

Katherine is a real bitch and that’s why we love her, but still when she was seducing Stefan in the hotel room my whole body was screaming. I just covered my eyes when she and Stefan kissed, I couldn’t believe that Stefan was actually doing it.

TVD - Katherine as a teenagerThanks God, well actually thanks to Matt (I’ve never thought I would have ever written this) they finally understood what is going on. We actually have to say that maybe, just maybe, she pushed a little bit too hard trying to make Stefan kill Damon. Oh poor Damon it seems that you have to face a really hard period, but trying to save Elena (crap, once again saving Elena) should make you fight harder.

Well it seems all a bit too obvious, but we are going trough the end of the season, what will Julie Plec bring out now? And will Katherine care about her dying daughter bitten by Tyler?