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GA - Jackson and April

Grey’s Anatomy is finally back and we are now, after 2 months, able to know Kepner’s choose at the altar, well even if we all had a pretty clear idea. But getting married? Shonda, you never stop surprising me!

GA - Mer and ChristinaBesides the lovely couple a lot is going on among the other doctors. Good news is that things between Christina and Meredith are going way better now that she is actually having trouble with Derek. Come on Mer, can’t you be just happy for them?

Anyway, I can’t really imagine the moment when Christina is going to leave.

GA - The catman

Even Arizona and Callie seem have found their peace back, they’re even buying a MURDERED house…that’s really creepy, even if the creepiest of the episode is the cayman. GROSS!

But Arizona gains the award for the best scream and best face!!

Can’t wait for more drama next week, and know more about the new hospital policy on couples. I expect a move from Webber.

Plus, how will the other react to Jackson and April’s news? I want more now!

 – K.