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ally mcbeal

Before there was “Suits”, before Portia de Rossi was openly gay, and before Lucy Liu became a Charlie’s Angel there was: ALLY MCBEAL! Wait, even before that Downey Jr became Iron Man.

ally mcbeal- portia de rossiAlly McBeal - Greg Germann

This show was full of successful actors, starting with the protagonist Calista Flockhart, that somehow is the queen of the drama series (aka Kitty Walker in Brothers and Sisters).

Ally McBeal - I'm a mess

For those of you that as me have been regularly watching for sure remember Ally as a crazy person with crazy fantasies going on in her mind, a bit as JD in Scrubs but crazier if possible. The show was all about dancing, singing and going crazy all together. It was not just focused on solving cases in court.

ally mcbeal and the baby dancing

For sure, we all felt a bit Ally sometimes in our life. This super insicure girl with a kinda of troubled love life, but the other protagonist were definitely at the same level. The best to me was Peter MacNicol aka John Cage and his dancing scenes.