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PLL - Aria %22he never really loved me%22

This episode of PLL was of course focused on Aria dealing with the Ezra “news”. I cannot avoid to sympathize for her, I feel kinda of sorry as well, I mean we have all been pointed the finger against her for not being suffering that much compared to others, that now I feel a bit guilty. But, still I think that those last two episodes are a blessing for Lucy Hale (Aria), I have been appreciating her just now.

PLL - Aria smashing

But the episode wasn’t just about her, we have so many things to deal with in these weeks before the season finale. What we found out now is what was Spencer doing outside the barn, apparently she has been fighting with Alison while being under drugs effect so that she didn’t remember anything until she read Ezra’s note.

But what’s worse is that there were testimonies as Cece, Ms Di Laurentis, and maybe Mona? Well on the picture that Ezra had there was a note saying it has been provided by Mona.

PLL - photo from Mona

While Spencer is getting crazy trying to understand what happened that night, Hanna is having quite fun around Rosewood. Apparently, she kisses everybody, I don’t know what’s her problem, even that Hanna and the officer would be a really nice relationship, but still Caleb, come back soon please!! They were just perfect.

PLL - Hanna kissing Wren PLL - Hanna kissing TravisPLL - Hanna kissing Holbrook

Speaking about couple, it seems that another is going to split up sooner or later. I don’t like Paige, I don’t like Paige and Emily lately and I am convinced Paige knows way more than what she says, but please do your own business!!

PLL - annoying Paige

Feel free to share your ideas and comments, arguments about PLL are never enough.

– Kisses, K.