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The incredible success of the Spanish TV series “Pulseras Rojas” (originally “Polseres Vermelles”, since the series is Catalan) about the real life of the creator, Albert Espinosa, attracted the attention of nonetheless Steven Spielberg who decided to buy the rights on the series.

polseras rojas

The series has been aired in Spain (where the second season finished last years), in Argentina, in Italy with an adaptation, while in Chile will air in March. I just love this series so much that i can’t stop watching it since I started (I watched twice the spanish version, starting the catalan, meanwhile watching the italian).

It is about a group of kids from the 8 to 16 more or less who for a reason or another have to live their lives in the hospital. This is a story of friendship, it is pure, and not about sadness and diseases, it is also funny and makes you feel unique sensations. Moreover, music is an essential part of the series in both the spanish and italian versions, they did a really good job and I hope this aspect will be respected also in this new version. 

Well, the pilot of “The Red Band SocietyOctavia-Spencer-20724237-1-402 has been already approved by Fox, so soon we will have the American version of this incredible story. The series is going to be made by big names of the industry. Besides Spielberg, in charge of the screenplay adaptation is Margaret Nagle (Boardwalk Empire), while one of the actress will be the Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (The Help).

For what concerns the protagonists we don’t know much but it seems, as confirmed by the creator of the series Espinosa on Twitter, that Leo (one of the protagonist) is going to be played by Charlie Rowe, the british actor known for his role of Tommy in “Never let me go” .

I’ll write more once there will be some more news. But, be sure to check out this amazing story, if you are spanish or italian speaker watch it now, and then we will compare the series.