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I was actually expecting a bit more from the episode, but maybe my high expectations didn’t let me appreciate it as it deserved.

Let’s go directly to the clue moment: Aria finds out about Ezra and Alison… but what do you think about the book thing? I never believed he was A, he is creepy and a pedophile but not sure about him being A.


This episode was all about Aria’s facial expression, she was hilarious. What about when she came back home and saw Mona. Damn Mona you always in the right place at the right moment. But was she in the Ambrose Pavillion, helping Ezra?

PLL - Toby in a vampiresque shot

Basically Spencer is getting crazy trying to solve the mystery as much as we are. I feel like I should thank are for being under amphetamines, but she’s losing all her credibility poor dear. And poor Toby, he is so disappointed. Who deserve a special shot to welcome him back, he seems like a vampire.

But anyways, I’m really preventing myself from any theories waiting for the finale of this season. But, please share yours I really need to exchange assumptions.

Love, –K.