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Who does not remember about the story of the most weird nanny in the world? Of course, I am talking about the marvelous and unique Nanny Fran Fine (Fran Drescher)!. Her story, her bizzarre dresses, the Sheffields and the amazing fights Niles vs C.C. Babcock.

The nanny Niles and CC

It was a real hilarious series. All characters were worthy, they all had really strong characteristics that made us laugh. I think we all have in our hear Grandma Yetta, and Fran’s mother. I can’t stop laughing thinking about having them as family. 

The nanny - trio

What was your favorite character? I cannot choose among Yetta, Sylvia and Niles.

the nanny - YettaThe nanny  - Sylvia The nanny - niles dancing