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Last night it finally aired the longtime discussed black and withe episode. The idea was really nice, the noir is always fascinating. Thanks drug addicted Spencer for let us have this trip into your mind, I have actually being thinking at the beginning that all that was the reality, but perceived in a different way by Spencer. Well, I was wrong. I definitely would have appreciated it more if all those things were actually happening in the liars life.

PLL B&W  Aria

A special mention goes to Hanna, Ashley Benson, I think she was perfect. I really like her character and how it is impersonated. Hanna being a telephone operator was just so much fun to see.

PLL B&W hanna centralinist

What I regret the most is that I would have really appreciated to know if Mona and Ezra are really working together, but I guess we will know something more about him next week (the promo is creepy check it here) and also Aria will know.

BTW It was nice to see you Ali, you’re a definitely a bitch, at lest you still are in Spencer’s mind.

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