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This week we are talking about an actor that we have seen in the last episode of New Girl, Adam Brody. After the Prince episode it was an hard legacy to take to be in the show, but I personally loved him.

Adam Brody in New Girl

Well he is a grown up now, even if he will alway be Seth Cohen from The O.C. in our minds, since it’s the role thanks which he reach the popularity. But he’s last considerations on this character left all a bit concerned, he in fact stated at Nylon magazine “If I had to predict, I’d say Seth Cohen is dead” (read more).

Seth Cohen

But he seems having he’s own reason to say that. Anyway, I don’t know you but I felt into him long before he was starring in the FOX series. The first time I’ve seen him on screen was on MTv’s series “Sausage Factory” also known as “Now What”. The series lasted for only 13 episodes, but it was in perfect MTv style of the beginning of 2000s. Sausage factory

After that I remember him portraying the cute musician in Gilmore Girls (series with Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and Melissa McCarthy). He was Dave, a member of  Lane’s band and then her love interest.

Adam Brody - Gilmore Girls

Recently we have seen him on TV also starring with the fabulous Kristen Bell in House of Lies. The two have been protagonist of a special “threesome” since Kristen was 7 months pregnant when they had to shoot their sex tape scene.


But Brody has not being busy just with series, he also starred in several films and with incredible stars as Aaron Eckhart in Thank you for Smoking in 2006.

Adam Brody - Thanks for smoking

And before that he also acted with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the film that make them fall in love, Mr and Mrs Smith (2005).

adam brody - Mr and Mrs Smith

And was protagonist in 2007 of the film In the land of women with Meg Ryan and the at the time not well known and blonde Kristen Stewart. I might be silly, but I cried a lot when i first watched this movie.

Adam Brody and Meg Ryan -  in the land of women Kristen Stewart and Adama Brody-In-the-Land-of-Women

But Brody his also known for his famous girlfriend. We all loved know that Seth and Summer were a couple also in real life. In fact, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have been together for three years. But now, he is currently engaged, after a year of dating, with Gossip Girl’s Queen B, Leighton Meester. I suppose we have to wait for the wedding now.

AdamandRachel4ever2adam-brody-and leighton meester

Meanwhile, we wish you all the best, and actually hope to have you back soon on the little screen.