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TVD - Damons %22I need you%22

What we learned from the last Vampire Diaries is that Katherine is 100% a bitch. Not that we had any doubt but she is really heartless and I’m not talking about her having the full possession of Elena’s body but her treating like shit the poor Damon who spent  already all is life suffering because of her, but she doesn’t have enough, apparently.

TVD - Enzo

And here we go to old tricks, with a new companion, Enzo. I see a lot of bad stuff happing in the next episodes. But what I’m glad of is that during the episode we see all the aspects of Damon: the in love Damon, the malefic Damon, and the ironic Damon. 

TVD - Damon vs CarolineOh poor Caroline, now that her little dirty secret is of public domain (always thanks to the queen of the bitches, Katherine, don’t get me wrong I still adore her) she starting having a couple of issue. The first with her conscience, the second with a Tyler, who happened to remember to be a werewolf and use it against his ex-girlfriend.  Saving the situation there’s always the good friend Stefan. For the first time since the beginning of the series I see him relaxed, this is starting warring me a bit, above all now that Katherine is ready to attack to have him back.

But I kinda have the feeling that this friendship with Caroline may turn into something more romantic…I hope I’m wrong, I don’t want Katherine to kill Caroline, again. Or maybe I’m just getting confused by the fireplace…am I?

TVD - Caroline and Stefan 5.11

Last thing, I have to say bye to Elena, at least for now, I’m sure you will be back somehow…how long will they take to figure out that is not you in your flesh? Does any of you have any guess?

Waiting for more next week, I’ll leave you with this cute smile of Damon.

TVD - Damon bloody smile