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Revolution - Season 2

Revolution is just a really really good show. During last episode “Happy Endings” we started knowing a little bit better Connor, Monroe’s son. He is kind of a funny guy. But is he as his father?

 Revolution - Connor and Charlie

How will evolve things with Charlie above all now that Jason Neville joined them again? This would be an interesting thing to watch, for the one of you that is as romantic as me. For sure Monroe senior has a better knowledge of the rules of the game, and those two hanging out together is not a good thing for his master plane. 

Revolution - Monroe fighting As mean he could be, I have to say that Monroe has something special. I believe in deep that he won’t screw all this up, ok I say that knowing that is bullshit.  Anyway, the fight scene was tremendous! We knew he was a good fighter but when he jumped to hit the guy I thought I was watching somebody playing Tekken  (the videogame) instead of Revolution. Just loved it.

But let’s get to something more interesting for the solution of the nano-tech little problem. Aron and Priscilla found their old MIT mate, Peter.

Revolution - Peter

Besides that he thinks he’s God, would he be able to help them? I mean what do the nano-tech actually want them to figure out? I guess we won’t have any answer that soon.