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It’s been almost two years that One Tree Hill has been finished but it actually never finished to me. I’ve been crying so much for it,above all in the last 3 seasons, and laughing, dancing  and singing with the characters, I mean I still have “when the stars go blue” on my itunes and so many other soundtracks. The music of the show was AMAZING.

I’ve been basically raised with it. It was the first series which I couldn’t  an episode, more than Friends or Dawson’s Creek even their still crucial for me and whoever has born in the last 80’s. 

I think I would need a post for each character to go through their best moments, is so difficult. But what I can say is that I think each of us has been a bit Peyton with her dark moments, the stylish Brook and insicure Rachel, or the smart Haley. And we all wanted guys as Lucas or Nathan. Nathan and Haley were kind of the best couple ever, as good as Lily and Marshal in HIMYM, but they have Jamie that’s definitely a plus.

But two of my favorite scenes belong to the fourth season. The fist is in the middle of the season when the Ravens are winning the state championship and finally Lucas understands that Peyton is the one.

OTH - Lucas and Peyton 2 OTH - Lucas and Peyton

The other one belongs to the last episodes of the season, when the series seems ending, the guy graduating, Haley giving birth and they all party with all the girls dancing on the Spice Girls‘ song.