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I strongly suggest to whoever didn’t watch the episode “Bite your tongue” to not pursue reading the article.

PLL - Act normal, Bitch!

This episode was just WOW! I’m still trying to compose the whole puzzle. But I can say that the scene in the picture was super scaring! Oh God, poor Emily and poor Mr. Fields. He is the only parent that seems actually having a brain and does something to protect his daughter, I still don’t understand what the hell are doing the others. (Well, we all do know what Ms. Marin is busy with and we love her.)

Talking about relatives, Aria’s brother is back. I thought he wasn’t living in Rosewood anymore, but I have to same that he came back with a surprising news.

PLL - Mona and Mike

Well done, Mona! I can just congratulate with you 🙂 Concerning Mona…I really want to know what Mr. Fitz had to tell her. Come on after their last confrontation this should have been really interesting, and it has been hidden from us. As I have been saying in the last weeks, and I really can’t stop from doing it, Ezra is getting creepier and creepier.

PLL - Ezra PLL - Ezra 2

The last discoveries about he being the “Board Shorts” guy, confirming our suspicious is really scaring. I mean, he has been dating Alison, and he is still obsessed by her and now he is dating Aria. Is is pedophile or what? This really provokes me nausea.

PLL - Ali and Ezra

But I think that he isn’t A, he’s just a maniac, a creepy stalker or something like that. But he has to have some connections. I wish we knew who sent the text to. The only thing that comes to my mind is that he should have the same age of Melissa, Wren and Cece, so maybe there’s something going on among all of them.

But I don’t want to get into possible theories too much, I alway get lost among clues at some point. Let’s face what we know and above all “drugged” Spencer face when she realizes.

PLL - Spencer finds out

We know that if there’s somebody who’s going to solve the enigma is going to be Spencer. Even if also Hanna is starting using her brain in an interesting way. I’m shacking thinking about what happened to her at the dentist. Quoting Aria “Who is this  monster?

PLL - dead girls can't smile

She had been good that far, if only she could have been faster. Let’s see the bright side of the story, they couldn’t read that paper what we could. And patient number 6 as kind of a familiar name C. Cavanaugh. But guess what we have seen this name already during the episode 2×16. Question is: who the hell is Chris Cavanaugh?

PLL - C. Cavanaugh 4x17 PLL - Chris Cavanaugh 2x16

I think it’s all for now. Damn the episode was intense. So congrats:

  • Spencer for solving this out, please give us some more during next episode
  • Hanna for being smarter than Spencer, and for your connection with the hot officer
  • Mona, for conquering Aria’s “little” brother.

Can’t wait for more in one week.