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Last night How I met your mother became How the Mother Met Me (HYMMM) giving us a special view on the mother’s life. I bet everybody loved it. I mean this episode was so special and emotional.

It was like going through all these years of the series following the clues we got. We knew that the mother was in the economics class that Ted went wrongly in during is first day as a professor. But it was so nice to discover that they have so similar reactions. For sure she doesn’t have that much self-esteem seems she immediately fought she was wrong. 

HIMYM - the mother and ted on campus

What surprised me the most is finding out that her love died, the girl went trough a lot before being able to start her new life. Incredibly, it was the “naked man” that helped her. (That episode was so funny)

HIMYM - the naked man

But one of the thing I was more happy about to see, is having Rachel Bilson back on the show and knowing more about her. When she kisses the mother after breaking up with Ted was for sure a revelation.

HIMYM - Rachel Bilson

 And is thanks to her that Ted is going to meet her, I can’t wait for that moment. Will they immediately recognize each other as its other half? Will she go speak to him as Professor Mosby? Can’t wait to know more.