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The so much desired and anticipated 100th has been aired and I have to say it didn’t disappoint our expectations at all.

I might say that this season has been a total revelation to me, I was starting losing faith in the show, but OMG it’s just awesome! Julie Plec, i said it and i repeat myself, is doing great. Let’s come back to last night episode, every second was worthy, but I’ll try to emphasize what I love the most starting with Klaroline.

TVD - Klaroline

It finally happened, I have been waiting for this moment since ever, Klas and Caroline are so good together, is the weirdest couple ever, they are so different, but soooo cute!  

Also Damon can’t avoid surprising us. His words lately are so heartbreaking. We are not used to Damon talking about his feelings, but I do appreciate that he cares so much of Elena. Please, come back together! (Damn it, there’s the Katherine situation now, but we’ll get there)TVD - Damon %22I can't live without her%22

What I really liked from this 100th episode is the way that dead characters have been fit into the storyline. It was just perfect, I mean Jenna and John in Katherine’s mind was really cool, as well as see Alaric again. Oh, I really miss his character.

TVD - Katherine and John s.1 TVD - John and Kathering s.5

And here we go to the spirit of survival that just one person has on Earth. Katherine, you never disappointed me. During the last 15 episode, I would say, I started appreciating her so much that I can’t imagine the show without her. Just when I was giving away all my hopes that she would have survived,TVD - Katherine doesn't want to die here we go, she made it through again. She was basically dead, and decided to come back to life, how cool was that!?

TVD -Katherine %22travelling%22 into Elena

One last news, #KatherineFierce has been twitter trending the whole night, here some tweets from the protagonists.