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Tomorrow the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries will air and I would like to remember what have been for me the best moments until now. I am not able to decide which one is best I just love them all so much so I will just order them chronologically. 

I start with the one that it has been for me the best finale, the one of the first season with the first appearance of Kathrine “Hello John, Goodbye John“. OMG I just loved that moment we already starting understand how amazing was the show but that moment really signed the strong character that the series has. (s.1 ep.22)

While, for sure the moment that made our hearts beat the most has been when Damon said “I love you” to Elena and then erased her memory. (s.2 ep.8)

I can’t even forget Tyler’s first transformation into a werewolf, that was struggling. (s.2 ep.11)

Of course, I can’t avoid to mention the moment that changed the show, Elena’s transformation into a vampire. (s.3 ep.22 – s.4 ep.1)

And the death I would have ever expected, Jeremy’s death and Elena burns the house with his dead body inside. I was just shocked. (s.4 ep.15)

Well, I realized that I can go on for ever, there are so many significant moments but I’ll stop here for now, but you are welcome to share yours!