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Katie Cassidy as Juliet Sharp

This week our bio is dedicated to Katie Cassidy or as I prefer to remember Juliet Sharp from Gossip Girl (BTW thanks for hurting Serena sometimes she really annoyed me). But the girl has been working more than that so here we are going through her work that brought her today to acting in the series Arrow, having a huge success.

Arrow -  Katie Cassidy

The 27 years old has been working a lot in the last 10 years, we have seen her, among the others, in 2005 in 7th Heaven as Zoe, Martin’s girlfriend during season 9. 7th-Heaven-9x20-Leaps-of-Faith-katie-cassidy-16636415-400-300

While in 2006, she took part to the film Black Christmas co-starring Michelle Tratchenberg. The two met again during Gossip Girl since Michelle plays the role of Georgina. But their professional meetings don’t end up here, the two will be back together in The Scribbler that will be out in the States in May 2014. (You can check the cast interviews here)

Film Title: Black Christmas.

In 2009 she has been part of the cast of Harper’s Island the 13 episode horror/mistery series. The same year and meanwhile she was on Gossip Girl she was also a leading character in the 2009 version of Melrose Place portraying the PR Ella Simms, role that per se wasn’t that different from the one in GG. Anyway, the series didn’t have that much luck and has been shut down after the first season.


In 2011 she has been in the movie Monte Carlo co-starring with Gossip Girl’s main character Leighton Meester and the worldwide acclaimed Selena Gomez.


You have been working hard Katie and we wish you good luck for your future projects, and The Scriblles promises really good.