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PLL -EZRIA %22you are the one%22

A lot of new elements came out during this last episode of PLL “Close Encounters”.
PLL - jake getting hurt

Ezra is getting creepier and creepier if last time I kind of defended him now I am shocked for what he did to Jake, and it has to be him or any little helper he has. Poor Jake, I hope he won’t be compromised for nationals.

I am actually starting thinking that Ezra is bipolar but anyway we finally got an image that could reveal us who is he scheming with. We can just see a blond girl/lady and that he is really mad for some situation. So we know he lied to Aria, and who knows how many other times he did it, but the girl doesn’t open her eyes as Jake suggested her, besides she put him in trouble. Three years fighting versus a mysterious “entity” and you just spill things out in that way.

PLL-mistery lady

The only one that seems still having the head on the neck is Spencer, even if sometimes she insists too much and with little little discretion on things. But this seems getting her into troubles, with Emily, Toby and US, come on girl did you really have to interrupt Ali? We have been waiting for hours, weeks and years to hear something more from her. But keep strong, Spence, we know you are the only one who can solve this!

PLL -Spencer crying

Coming back to Ali, finally we see her again not in a dreaming kind of situation. Apparently she trusts only Emily, since she is in love with her and this I really doubt would ever change, nobody forgets the first love. But why can’t she trust the other? Because of Aria and Ezra? Spencer’s family? What?

The four have been struggling a lot because of her and you can’t trust them? This is a bit suspicious for me, and Spencer’s idea that she wants to separate them can actually be a possibility. But I guess we have to wait more to understand something. It wouldn’t be a bad idea talk to Shana to figure out what she knows before A makes her disappear (the episode final scene doesn’t promise anything good for her).

PLL - Emison

Just one last thing, Hanna, I feel so sorry for you, I want Caleb back too. But kissing Travis? He is a really nice guy but don’t rush it.

PLL - Hanna kissing Travis

Hoping for more interesting revelations for next episode.