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In occasion of the 20 years from the born of this series, here we go remembering the top series among all the series, the one we have been missing the most during this years and we cannot stop from watching when it airs on TV, Friends!

Friends, window

The most famous group of friends composed by people that by now are icons such as Jennifer Aniston, super busy in the cinema industry as Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox that has just found again her youth thank to her amazing series Cougar Town, Matt LeBlanc who’s rocking on Episodes, Lisa Kudrow that we have recently seen with her outstanding performance in Scandal, and David Schwimmer, the one that we see less maybe because he is more into directing.

friends - hitting joy

I leave with one of the scenes that impressed me the most at the time, and that me and my friends continue quoting. We miss you, Phoebe.

Friends, princess consuela banana hammock