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We knew through the promo that Victoria would have been in possession of the “infinity box” and we all thought that she finally knew the truth, here we go they changed the game all over again. In a certain way I can read the disappointment on Victoria’s face.

But I’m glad Emily is back on game. I have been so fool wasting time during this last week thinking about a sort of Victoria’s redemption for what she did to her father and so on, thank God i was wrong. (Damn I hate promos)

On another side we have Jack who knows the truth about Daniel shooting Emily eccetera who cannot stop himself.

Revenge Jack punching DanielI love Jack, but what’s wrong with him? He cannot keep a low profile and when he knows things he has to tell to everybody.  Oh dear, this is not the game we are playing here. And now that Emily stated that it was Lydia shooting at her is losing another “love”, Margaux. But thanks for punching him.

Revenge -  Nolan, red stripes

Finally, a special mention to Nolan and his outfits, he’s a genius. Well we should all go creative but please be smart when you do it, above all with clothes don’t you want to turn dressed up as Aria (PLL).

Besos your K.