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killerwomenproster1234Last tuesday on ABC, the show “Killer Women” started. Based on the Argentine crime drama “Mujeres Asesinas“, the show is focused on Molly Parker’s life, a Texas Ranger woman.


In the first episode, titled “La Sicaria“, we can see Molly trying to resolve a murder case in which the Drug Cartel is involved. I don’t really know what to think about this show because this pilot was atypical.


First of all the murder case was to simple and nothing special happened in it. Nothing went wrong and everything was resolved by the end of the episode. I was hoping that in this pilot we would see a different case and I was hoping that the series would have a common thread. 


The love story between Molly (Tricia Helfer) and Dan (Marc Blucas) is ok because they are in love but they are still working on their relationship, at the moment they are only lovers and it is good because we can see their relationship grows.


Also the divorce’s situation is quite good because the story of the violent husband can be helpful for the plot in the future. By the way, my first impressions of this show is good, there are a lot of good tricks that can be developed so I’m curious to see what will happen in the second episodes and I hope that they create a major case which can last for all 7 episodes that remain. Let’s see what will happen next.