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fireflyposterIf I have to think about the most important and ingenious TV series’ creators I have to put Joss Whedon on that list. After “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer“, in 2002 he created “Firefly” a space western drama with a short life but incredibly interesting.


This drama was incredible not only for his story and for the adventures of the Serenity’s crew but for the cast. Nathan Fillion (“Castle”, “Desperate Housewives”), Gina Torres (“Alias”, “Suits”), Alan Tudyk (“V”, “Suburgatory”), Morena Baccarin (“V”, “Homeland”), Adam Baldwin (“Chuck”, “Day Break”), Jewel Staite (“Stargate Atlantis”, “The L.A. Complex”), Sean Maher (“The $treet”, “Party of Five”), Ron Glass (“Barney Miller”, “Shark”) and Summer Glau (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, “Arrow”) was the main cast of the show and their characters was full of life and full of passion. After 14 episodes, the show was cancelled but Whedon, in 2005, created a movie, called “Serenity“, which was the conclusion of the drama.


Even if the show lasted just 14 episodes, the movie was a success, mostly when the movie and the series were released as home video. So, I suggest to everybody to watch this series and the movie and, if you are interested, I leave you with the movie’s opening scene.