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Pretty Little Liars is back after a hiatus that was harder than ever to face, but unfortunately this episode wasn’t as great as all of us expected. We wanted to see ALI!!!

But let’s try to extrapolate what get the most our attention:

PLL-Spencer's father

1. Spencer doesn’t live alone!? I get always shocked when I see her parents in the house, and we have to say her father is quite creepy and knows way more of what he says.

PLL - Hanna theory PLL - Spencer

2.Sometimes Hanna is smart.  I appreciated the story of the other disappeared girl, but what if the girl seen the day after Labour’s day was Ali instead? (of course is just my guess, but Hanna is right somebody is buried there).

PLL - Caleb crying

3. Come on how could you destroy Caleb in this way? His character was adorable and perfect and now is just reduced to stupid “it’s complicated” crying guy. I’m so disappointed. I want Caleb back to Rosewood!!

PLL - ezra and mona

4. Mona is damn smart!

5. EZRA IS CREEPY. I like that he has finally a compromising role into the series and his looks are really terrifying me. Now who does that house belong? What’s hidden there? What I didn’t understand is why at the end we see A getting into the house covered with the hoodie but we don’t see Ezra’s face if he’s actually A. I guess there’s lot more to find out. Question is: will we ever know the whole truth?

PLL - trapdoor

6. Last thing…what’s written in the diary Hanna stole from A? Pretty sure we’ll find out next week.