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Revenge Emily's father

Revenge is finally back, after leaving us with Emily falling into the ocean after that DANIEL shot her (still cannot believe the guy did it!), well Emily is alive but with an amnesia. All the Graysons surround her, surrounded by the enemy and married to the guy that shot her.

Revenge Nolan no innocent people

Nolan keeps impressing me with his short and sharp lines, leaving Victoria with open mouth. Wel, she is facing a couple of problems being the major suspect and once she found out his son was the shooter she did what she is more capable of: Saving the family.

Revenge Lydia and the wine

It was easy to her to blame Lydia, after the outrage she did ruining the throne, and took a second to convince Conrad too, scarifying love for family as she did at the time with David Clarke. Damn she is evil!


Luckily, thanks to a visit of Jack (Emily’s only love to me), Emily finally remembers of her identities and what she has been through in these years. The double infinity sign is getting more  and more close Victoria to the truth…what will happen then? ( Click here to see a spoiler scene of the next episode ).

revenge Aiden kissing who?
There’s one last thing that kinda intrigued me…who the hell is the girl Aiden is kissing???  I really don’t like him, he seems crazy to me. Well, hope we figure it out soon.