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Here we are at the end of this 2013. This year was full of good series and full of good characters so, I decided to create my personal chart of the ten best characters of this 2013. So get ready for the “Ten Best Characters of 2013“.

rebebccagif10) Pamela Rebecca Ewing -Dallas-
(Julie Gonzalo)

I decided to include Pamela in this chart because she is freakin’ one of the best characters in “Dallas”. She was good, then she decided to be bad, then she return to act good: chaotic! She loved Christopher, then she slept with J.R. and then what? She will sleep with Bobby? Well, we just have to wait until the third series starts.


09) Olivia Godfrey -Hemlock Grove-
(Famke Janssen)

Olivia Godfrey is the bad guy. She is evil, mean, spoiled and she is a big badass but, you cannot hate her. She is simply a genius, she’s smart, she knows what she wants and she doesn’t ask for anything. What else?


08) Duncan Carlisle -Hostages-
Dylan McDermott

I have to admit that I think Dylan is one of the best actors on tv. I loved his work on AHS and on AHS Asylum but in “Hostages” he is simply perfect. Evil but, at the same time, good, Duncan Carlisle is the perfect enemy in a television series because you cannot blame him for anything even if he acts super bad.


07) Alex Vause -Orange is the New Black-
Laura Prepon

After three bad characters here we are with Alex Vause. She is not the typical good girl but she is lovely. When you watch “Orange is the New Black” you cannot choose between Alex and Larry because you have to think that Piper is perfect with Alex and, at the same time, with Larry. Who will she choose?


06) Peter Quinn -Homeland-
Rupert Friend

If we talk about “Homeland” we have to admit that Claire Danes is simply great at acting. But, this time, I would like to choose Rupert Friend. His character, Peter, is brilliant because is a super spy but, at the same time, he is a real human with feelings and thoughts in his mind. Without Peter, Homeland wouldn’t have been the same.


05) Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett -Orange is the New Black-
Taryn Manning

In every prison we have a bad girl so, in “Orange is the New Black” we have Tiffany. She is a fanatic religious with some mental problems who spents her life by judging people. She knows the bible in every words and she hates the other non-religious inmates but, in a certain way, she is fantastic and she is one of the most interesting characters in the series.


04) Ichabod Crane -Sleepy Hollow-
Tom Mison

He is British and he came from the past. Do you need something more to love him? He is wise and fearless and he fights an important battle for the humanity against the evil force. As main character of “Sleepy Hollow”, Ichabod is perfect without any doubt.


03) Fiona Goode -American Horror Story: Coven-
Jessica Lange

After two great interpretations in the first two seasons of “American Horror Story”, Jessica Lange was casted to portray Fiona Goode in the new season of the series. She is the evil w(b)itch, she has super powers and she is obsessed with her physical aspect and her age. Fiona Goode is the witch that everybody would like to be. That’s it.


02) Sebastian Monroe -Revolution-
David Lyons

We hated Monroe during the first season of “Revolution” but, during the second season, we changed our minds. He is one of the good guys now and he fights next to everybody against the patriots. He knows how to use a gun and how to save someone and I think that, when they will decide to reveal his son, that will be a crucial moment in the series. I hope that the second part of this new season will be as good as the first one.


01) Misty Day -American Horror Story: Coven-
Lily Rabe

Maybe Misty Day is not so important in this new season of AHS but she is simply perfect. She is good, she loves nature, she can use magic, she can resurrect people and she loves Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. You need more? Well she is beautiful, Lily Rabe portrays her perfectly and she saved Myrtle Snow. Those are the reasons why I decided to nominated her as the best character of 2013 because she is perfect and I think that Lily needs much more space on television and on cinema.